Free* Vacation

With Purchase of $50 or More

When your order total is $50 or more, after any discount codes have been applied, you will receive a voucher redeemable for a 3 day 2 night hotel stay for 2 people in one of these popular destination cities. You choose the city! You can upgrade your trip for more people and/or more time at a discounted rate. There are no refunds for products purchased to get this deal, only exchanges. 

There is no presentation or sales pitch or anything else you have to do when you are there. This is not a time share deal. 

*When you redeem your voucher, there is an $18 administrative service fee and $12 to $15 per night in room tax that must be paid. Tax varies by city. 




What do I have to do to get a vacation voucher?

A. Spend more than $50 in our Mommy Musts store. The total must be $50 or more after any discount codes are applied. Once your order is processed, you will be emailed a link to claim your voucher. Please allow 48 hours from the time you placed your order to receive the email. 

What is Mommy Musts?

A. We are a family run online store based in Virginia Beach, VA. We sell items that help moms celebrate their children. We have baby clothes, kid clothes, mom clothes, fun stuff, and helpful mom gear. Our website is

Can I get a refund on the products purchased in the store? 

A. No. Only exchanges will be allowed. 

Can I choose any of the ten cities listed above? 

A. Yes. 

Can I get multiple vouchers? 

A. Yes, but you can only visit each city one time using these vouchers. 

What is there to do in these cities?

A. Click on a city above to see a list of top attractions nearby.

Can I choose my hotel? 

A. No. That is why the rooms are free. Travel companies use these to fill vacancies in hopes that you will upgrade your trip or get room service and spend money with them. 

Are these low grade hotels?

A. No. These are popular hotel chains and resorts. They would be equivalent to a Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, or other mainstream hotel chain. They want you to come back, so these free rooms will not be in bad hotels. 

Can I travel anytime I want? 

A. Holidays and local special event days may require an upgrade fee. When you redeem your voucher, you can speak with the agent about availability.  

How long do I have to use the voucher? 

A. Once you receive the voucher, you must register it within 30 days of the date on the voucher. That does not mean you have to book your trip at that time. You just need to register. You have 1 year to use the voucher. 

Other questions?